Understanding Free Keyword Tools Online

Keyword research is not easy, especially if you are not trained it and don’t have the know-how to start a keyword analysis.  That is why we are trying to help by suggesting some great, and more importantly free keyword tools that are available to use online.

These tools do not replace proper keyword research, but they do offer a bit of help and guildlines as to what keywords you should be using for your website and how many competitors they have.  Some of the tools suggested also have paid options, but they are all free also.
This is a UK tool and its default setting is Google UK, so remember to change it to your specific countries Google.  As it is free, you are limited to 100 keywords so it is more useful for top level ideas such as companies, agencies etc, not specific services.  Within the tool, you can also order the cloud with search terms returned by Adwords competition or search volume.
This tool literally lets you spy on keywords.  You can do this by domain, which is a great way to spy on the keywords.  You simply type any domain into the search box and then you will get a great return with data on how much is being spent by that domain on paid advertising and the keywords they spend most money on etc.  Due to its free nature, you only get 10 to 20 results in each tab but the information you receive is very helpful so this restriction does not affect the tool much.
You can also export the list of keywords you research in an Excel file, a CSV or Google Spreadsheet.  This is a great tool has it has features that other free tools do not offer.
This is another paid tool that also has a free tool with it.  It supplies enough data to make the free tool still worthwhile but it is really a trial run for the paid option.  One thing it does offer that other free tools do not is the metric for the number of results in a Google search – so it simply tells you how many results you would receive for keywords etc.  This is a great indication of competition.   Another great feature only offered by this tool is the “related keywords” service.  It shows keywords that are also negative so you can rule them out for the future.
These three are some of the best free tools around for keyword searches online, but there are many more.  There is something to be said for paying for this kind of tool, but if money does not allow these are also handy!  If you’re very new to keyword research on the internet, always take a look at the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, it’s simple to use and great for trying to understand and undertake SEO for you business.
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