Tips: How To Poll On Facebook

Turning polls into a helpful tool or resource can be of great benefit to your business or brand. It’s a great way to engage with your fans by asking relevant questions that in turn could help build loyalty and even provide valuable feedback. It is not enough to have a one way conversation constantly sending out status updates, it is essential that you listen to what your customers have to say too. Some options for Facebook Polls are outlined below:

Facebook Questions is Facebooks poll option, allowing customisation in a number of different ways – open ended questions or multiple choice options are available.

Poll is an app whereby you must allow it access to your account but its benefits include additional options for tracking respondents and the ability to purchase features like ad blocking to name but a few. Nintendo and Pepsi are two organisations that have used this type of poll in the past.

Poll for Facebook is a free service which gives you options such as the ability to include extra information such as a poll title, intro text and the ability to customise URLs. This is probably the most customisable option and  Clarins Paris have previously used this option.

The most basic option is Status Updates, asking a question here allows for quick, informal engagement with your fans.

Once you have chosen the polling option that suits you, here are some basic tips to bear in mind whilst setting up your poll.

1) Ask a real question

People on the internet are  great at determining whether you are really interested in their response or whether you are just asking a question for the sake of it. Be careful though, don’t ask questions that are self promoting as it will probably not go down well.

2) Ask question you want answers to

Why not use this tool to get constructive feedback about your products or services, this type of information will be beneficial to your company for example when running promotions what offers do your customers prefer – money off coupons, buy one get one free etc

3) Questions should be topical and relevant

Take caution, topical questions may not be relevant to your business and its products / services. There is no point asking about Kate’s wedding dress if you are selling

4) Be clear why you are polling 

This is quite crucial, have a goal – is the aim of the poll to aid loyalty, receive feedback or improve brand exposure? Having a goal or aim will be useful in deciding upon polls that are useful and relevant for your business. If brand exposure is the aim, is the poll something people will want to share with one another? Is it worth spreading?

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