5 Top Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook continues to be the most powerful social network on the planet, currently having over 750 million active users. Businesses simply cannot ignore using Facebook as part of their online marketing strategy.

1) Give people a reason to become fans – Use an incentive to encourage the visitor to first “Like” your fan page, for example they will receive a free trial, coupon, donate to charity, enter a competition or even specialised information. This can help significantly increase fan conversion rates, while at the same time giving real value in becoming a fan.

2) Ask the right kind of questions – One of the most effective ways to get your fans talking on facebook is to ask entertaining and interesting questions. Engaging you fans can help build relationships. The secret to this is to ask questions that are easy, this will encourage resonses as questions that require just one-word responses tend to get the most engagement.

3) Celebrate your Milestones on Facebook – Did you reach a milestone? This can be important to you and your business but also can be important to your fans. So Celebrate with your fans! Even if its small put it up and thank the people involved, this creates a sense of community.

4) Run a Facebook Contest – Everyone loves a contest and a chance to win a prize. If you need a little excitement on your Facebook page, a contest will get your fans active on your page. This can also result in fans sharing the contest with their friends, increasing your fans even more. Your prize does not have to be expensive to result in a lot of entries.

5) Measure your Facebook Marketing – Measure your Facebook marketing efforts as well as you possibly can. Measure unique users, fans, conversions, clicks, activity, retention, loyalty and many other metrics. If you measure these you will be able to fully understand your fans, which can be highly beneficial when you engage in your next Facebook marketing campaign.

These are just some handy Facebook Marketing Tips, for more information on Facebook and other Social Media platforms that would help your brand / business connect with and advertise to your target audience, contact us at WebResults.ie Today. We will find the best solution for you and your target market.