There is no doubt that having an appealing website that is easy to navigate around can play a role in increasing conversions. Similarly by making it as easy as possible for visitors to reach the information they are looking for will also contribute to high conversions.

Many PPC ads direct visitors to their company’s homepage on their website. Landing on the homepage of a site can be irritating to visitors as they might not instantly see the information they were searching for.  This often results in a high bounce rate straight off the page which can be costly as the idea behind this approach is that you pay per click. Directing them to the exact page that is relevant to the keyword they used in their search is significantly more appealing to visitors. This is due to the reduced the amount of clicks it takes them to get to the information they were looking for. Landing on the right pages depending of the key term searched creates a sense of trust and credibility with site visitors. This is far more favourable to a visitor which in turn is more beneficial to you.

An important aspect for improving your PPC ad is to include the title of the landing page in the visible URL that appears with the ad. This not only will improve your quality score but also reiterate to the individual what the website is about and allow for a better connection better to the ad. This demonstrates the importance of ensuring that keywords for the specific ad campaign are relevant to the content on landing page of the ad.

In having ads that direct visitors to specific landing pages improve quality score which in turn will increase your ad position and decrease your cost per click. As a result of this it will most importantly help convert visitors to customers.

As you can see directing visitors to a specific landing page based on their search can be highly beneficial. However, it is also important to note that the page that they land on has relevant content that has been optimised to appeal to site visitors, for more information regarding this see our SEO services.

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