Saving Time On Your Social Media Activities

Social media is still a low cost means of communicating your message across a variety of platforms; however there are a lot of platforms to choose from. Tools like geo-targeting and regional specific campaigns can help, but there are more tactics to use when trying to streamline your social media activities that many social media consultants are praising.

1. Restructure All Social Media Activities: Firstly you need to try and gauge which of your online marketing activities are having the least amount of impact on your marketing strategy. One way of doing this is by using your customers as your first port of call when trying to understand your business key benefits, asking how they found your business and using a process of elimination to extract non-performing social media tasks. Also by Using Google Analytics ‘Goals’ whereby you can assess which activities are driving the most profitable customers towards your business.

2. Align Your Focus: Once you have restructured your marketing activities you should then create a focus on two of the main areas where your customer lies online. You should also create a content calendar so you can bookmark other areas of interest which you can call upon during off-peak periods of your primary social networks.

3. Capitalise on Free Social Media Tools: There is a huge variety of free social media tools on the internet which everyone should be taking advantage of. One which is appearing prominently is ‘Nut Shell Mail’ which can track conversations about your business using keyword software. The mail system can schedule a weekly report which can be delivered as regularly as you require.

4. Double Your Efforts: There is now another tool which can centralize all your campaigns into one location so all of your fans can distribute them to all the social networks you have a presence on. ‘Constant Contact’  allows you to further engage with your key audience and become enlisted with the first campaign being free and all social campaigns free up to the first 100 fans.

5. Host your own Events: There are applications which will allow you to host an event through your social network. Within the event you can register user’s activity, use the Facebook feature to check-in attendees and send them alerts throughout the event which can be targeted.

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