The Importance Of A Relevant Customised Digital Strategy

Not sure where to start, or where you might get the best ROI on-line for your organisation?

We know from working with our clients that an integrated approach broadens your reach and creates a quantifiable impact giving you a return on investment. We devise digital strategies that meet your marketing objectives across a spectrum of channels. Your digital marketing strategy must be aligned with your overall business objectives and must address the needs of your market at the current time.

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What is your desired outcome?

How do I covert my website traffic into sales/leads? In order to drive leads and drive your businesses success, it is vital that you take the time to research and plan. Research the industry, identify the opportunities that exist and set very clear business objectives based on your marketplace. Understand your key target markets, define personas and understand their behaviours.

Once you are clear on your key personas behaviour, review your current web presence with these individuals and their issues and motivations in mind. Only then are you in a position to devise the right strategy to reach out, engage and convert them.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Be very clear on their purchase journey and the stages they go through – from not knowing they need your solution, to where they start researching and know a little about their requirement. They they get to know who providers these solutions and they variations of the options that exist. The way they behave changes as they move from top of funnel through to where they are ready to buy.

Your strategy needs to engage them at each of these stages and bring them along with you, so that you continue to be top of mind, when they are ready to purchase. Your action plan, focuses on activities, with a time schedule that ties in with their behaviours to ensure you are placed where you will be top of mind at all times.

At each stage of their journey and at each stage of your activity plan, it is imperative that you have KPI’s to measure how you are performing. As you identify areas that are not working, you tweak, test and monitor again. This is an integral, ongoing part of every aspect of your digital strategy and each individual digital marketing activity.

You will find with this approach, you will be far more successfull achieving the results you want. Focus on quality clicks from your key personas, in order to convert those who are more likely to buy again and again. This in our experience is the secret to Digital Marketing success, building loyal customers who re-purchase and who also share their experience with their connections.

Talk to us now, if you would like help devising and implementing the right strategy to drive success for your business online.

Take The Time To Devise A Digital That Fits Your Business Like A Glove

We work with businesses in various ways.

Choose what suits your business needs

Outsourced services

We research your marketing, devise your Digital Marketing Strategy and set up and manage your on-going Digital Marketing Activities.

The Web Mentor Programme

We guide you and work with you to implement the best combination of services (Doesn’t include Google Adwords)

Training, Mentoring & Support

A customised programme is developed to meet the needs of your business.
Talk to us and we will recommend the most suitable option for your business.

Our Approach

We define, deliver and refine remarkable ideas that achieve big results and long-lasting relationships. We take the time to understand your business, working in partnership to help you achieve your goals and consistently deliver marketing you can measure.
We identify the best activities to drive return on investment for your business based on our experience and based on who your target market is and what will engage them.