Google +1 – The Advances in Social Media


The web is such a large place with so much information and sometimes it can help to have a tour guide.Google have announced the introduction of  ‘Google +1‘ as sometimes it’s easier to find what you’re looking for if someone you know has already found it. Google +1 is Google’s answer to the Facebook ‘Like’ button and makes Google search engine more social as it allows you to help friends, family and people all over the world to find things in Google search. Google define it as a ‘public stamp of approval’. When +1 is selected it indicates to searchers that this is something that they should check out and similarly you can see other recommendations.

This feature won’t be visible on search engines for a few months but people are encouraged to participate in the Google +1 experiment.

There was speculation as to whether or not the number of Google +1′s will affect search engine rankings but according to a Google rep this is not the case but it is something that they are interested in incorporating in the future. However, although it may not be directly influencing where your ad appears on search engines at the moment, having +1’s linked to your website can influence searchers and increase your organic traffic to your website.

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