Google Changes that affect SEO

Google is continuously making changes and evolving to try and improve how it works for searches. Google Search Results have changed significantly over the last 3 months particularly on how search results are displayed. Here we discuss one of Google’s most recent changes that will significantly affect SEO and offer advice to ensure you are not affected

Google implements “better” titles in search results
Google have released that they will now change the meta title displayed for your webpage in search results if it thinks that it can improve the relevancy between the content of your webpage, the search query and the meta title in search results.
If you are using a meta title not specific to your page content, you are likely to see Google search results displaying a different title than your meta title to create more relevancy in search results. Ensure that the meta title for ever page is relevant to that particular page. Having the page optimised effectively around the terms used in the Meta title will demonstrate to Google the Meta Data relevancy
A way to analyse how effectively you are doing this is through Google Analytics. In Google Analytics set the advance segment to Non-Paid Search Traffic and use the Site Content > Page Title report to see what pages get the most visits from organic traffic. Add a secondary dimension to see Keywords. Is the keyword found in the page title? If not, you might want to revisit how your meta title & content and make changes before Google does it for you.
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