Google Analytics Social Media Reporting Tools

Everyone knows they should be using Social Media to promote their business online these days and many companies are, and they have seemingly successful campaigns, in that they are posting regularly and achieving interactions on their pages in the form of comments, questions etc. But what most business owners want to know is: what is the ROI for all this time and energy they are inputting into their social media campaigns.

Google Analytics now has a new section that tries to answer that very question. Instead of simply counting visits and interactions, Google Analytics allows you to create a goal, like a sale on your site or a visit to a certain page, and to track whether that occurred thanks to your social media campaigns. It can even track this where a visit clicks on a link on your Facebook page, for example, comes to your site and then leaves, but then comes back a week later a buys something or completes whatever goal you have set.
You can assign a monetary value to these conversions and this can help you figure out if it is worth the money you are investing in social media.
There is also an activity stream where you can see what people are saying about your business on the social networks.
You will find these new features in the Standard Reporting tab.