Benefits of YouTube Advertising

YouTube is now averaging at one billion video views per day globally. In the UK alone, there is 1.25 billion views each month! YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world after Google. It is estimated that there are 24hours worth of video uploaded every minute!

YouTube is a great way of merging the advantages of TV Advertising and education with the interactivity of the web. The focus is on informing, entertaining and educating and there are a variety of ways in which companies can use YouTube Advertising.

  1. Promote Content On Youtube

There are a number of ways in which a brand / business can promote their content on YouTube such as:

  • Promoted Videos – your video is Ad is displayed against relevant search Results and related video content on YouTube
  • TrueView Video Ads – Similar concept to AdWords in that you only pay when viewers have chosen to watch your Ad, not when an impression is served.
  • A Brand Channel – Create a bespoke channel, customising the look and feel of your brand / company  with banners, background image and branding box features available
  1. Easy to Measure and Analyse

Youtube Analytics is called Insights. It is an easy tool to use and it tracks views, popularity, demographics, audience attention etc.

  1. Choose Your Space

This is advantageous as you are engaging with your customer  / audience near content they love. You can choose the space where you want to advertise

  • Partner Watch – Advertise next to content partners
  • Video Targeting Tool – This allows you to hand pick the videos you want to advertise against.

There are a number of different Advertising Formats available on YouTube to suit most businesses. If you think Youtube is something you are interested in pursuing contact us today and we will find the best format for your business.