Spotting Trends in Customer Comments on Social Media

Social media marketing is the most direct way for companies to access customers opinions and insights into life, their business and whatever else they want to know about their consumer.  With this, means access to positive and negative feedback.  This kind of information is very helpful as it helps you to gain insight into how you customers feel about specific products and any issues that may have arisen that hopefully can be fixed based on these insights.

There are a few great ways to measure customers opinions based on their social media commenting behaviour, but the main is to use software that allows you to record the messages that are important to your business.  This is called Sentiment data, and it’s great because:
  • It helps to gain insight into your customer and helps to unearth how they feel.
  • It can calculate a Net Promoter Score, this helps you to see how many of your customers would talk very highly of your product/service.
  • You can see how much positive and negative conversation surrounds your brand on social media.
Always decide what you feel is positive and negative before entering into analysing your sentiment data, this gives you a clearer insight into the data and helps to avoid confusion as to what is negative and what is positive.
Don’t forget to track those messages that are sent directly to your company, this is important direct feedback that can be most important of all.  It’s great because:
  • It helps to gain insight into your customer base.
  • You can spot trends regarding what is negative and what is positive to your business in order to make positive changes if you need to.
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