Web Development

Services: Web design and development
Business: TrackWeld supplies undercarriage parts and undercarriage repair services throughout Ireland.
Location: Based in Naas, Dublin

WebResults. ie designed our website and carried out search engine optimisation for www.trackweld.com

They met with us to understand our customers and our markets and they put a lot of time and thought into ensuring that the site was built to gain maximum benefit from the search engines. We offer a very large range of undercarriage products and it was important that we would be picked up by the search engines, not just for the parts but for the various machines for which we offer parts. WebResults.ie set up the site to ensure that this happened. We are now being picked up for hundreds of undercarriage parts for hundreds of different machine manufactures that originally we thought would not have been possible.

We are very happy also with the look and feel of the site and feel that our market place really connects with it. More importantly there are calls to action throughout the site to encourage visitors to contact us. This has been really important to ensure that we actually get the leads from the visitors who are finding the site.

Stephen, Trackweld