With our Analytics reporting, we can provide you with valuable & meaningful
information as to how your marketing campaign is currently performing along
with ideas for how future campaigns could be carried out.

What is your challenge?

At we have a passion for achieving great results. Being able to monitor return on investment is crucial to this. We love how analytics makes this process easy.

Our team is here to help you understand your visitors, improve your businesses performance on the web & spend your budget more effectively.

What is your desired outcome?

Do you want a clear view of which activities are driving the best quality traffic in order to focus your resources on the areas that drive results? Want to improve your website conversions?

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Our Approach

At we are committed to understanding our customers’ business objectives and delivering reliable and competitive solutions, service, as well as support. We aim to convert our customers’ data into useful business information that will guide you on your decision making process.

With so much information to be taken from various analytics reports, we can help you make sense of it all, whilst offering advice on how to put this information into best practice.

We offer analytics expertise in many different areas of business as you can see in the list below

Ad Tracking

Tracking Pay Per Click Advertising

  • If you are running a PPC campaign as a part of your digital marketing strategy, we have the facilities and tracking tools to monitor how your ads are performing as well as your site.
  • We can also set up the ads as a goal on analytics and monitor how they are affecting your web conversion rates.
  • This will demonstrate how powerful the PPC campaign you have in place is and if it is a worthy source for providing traffic to your website.
  • This information will be included as part of the status report.
  • If you have incorporated Google Analytics as well as other Google programs to your optimisation process then it is simple to monitor Analytics and Adwords PPC campaigns together and how one affects the other.


Web Reporting and Real Time Tracking

Here at we offer clients a customised report each month tailored to their individual sites via the use of various web reporting tools and real time tracking. The data provided will be based on the performance of the website and information that will be included will be as follows:

  • Top landing/exit pages – can these pages be customised further
  • Bounce rate – rather than continue on to other pages within the same site the user will “bounce” away to a different site without taking any action on your site
  • Keywords – what were the most popular keywords that led users to your site
  • Traffic Sources – where did the majority of traffic to the site come from? Search Engines, linking from referral sites etc (link tracking)
  • Average amount of time on site – what can be done to increase this if needs be?
  • Geographic location – where in the world are your visitors based?
  • Amount of new visits to the site
  • Amount of returning (loyal) visitors
  • Goals  – how many conversions took place that month and what path did users take to complete the goal you had set out
  • Languages – what languages do all visitors speak? Can your site be adapted if there are a lot of Spanish visitors to your site for example?
  • Browser profile – what is the most popular Internet browsers that users tend to use? Is your site adaptable to all of them?
  • Click tracking – through the use of Heat Maps we can demonstrate the most popular areas on your website where users have clicked on
  • Status of E mail campaigns – we can track e mail campaigns and report back on how they are performing

These are some of the basic points that will be covered in our monthly reports. However, realises that all our clients are unique and are likely to be monitoring different goals and information, and to this we can adapt easily and provide a unique status report.

Analytics for E–Commerce

E-Commerce Companies and Live Tracking

  • Analytics for e–commerce works similarly to information websites.
  • However, a lot of the web reporting and live tracking will be based around the web conversion rates and the amount of sales that were processed.
  • If your site is an e-commerce one, we will set up all goals that record all sales that are processed.
  • It should be noted that transaction data is also a vital piece of information when analysing an online business’ performance and it’s of great benefit that this information can also be included in the live tracking process and the status report.
  • If you are using the Google Analytics program, e-commerce data will be sent to rather than accessed on the dashboard.

Below is some of the data that can be tracked on an e-commerce site:

  • Transaction ID
  • Tax
  • Shipping costs
  • Affiliate or Store names
  • Country/County/State/Region/City etc
  • SKU
  • Product details (category or variation)

All of this information and more will be tracked as part of the live tracking system in place.When the data has been filtered and analysed patterns will emerge that should help you with targeting customers more effectively, increase traffic to your site as well we increase web conversion rates.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

As mentioned previously, this programme is a free tool but comes with an array of details and reporting tools to be included in the status report as well as real time tracking. Some of the main benefits of Google Analytics include;

  • It’s completely free of charge
  • The ability to determine how your visitors/users located your website. This will help to identify new keywords that can be added to your Meta data as well as your site content
  • Link tracking – what sites users are coming from. Which links are proving to be the most popular
  • Click tracking – where on the site is most popular in terms of the amount of clicks its getting
  • Visitor Segmentation – with geo location software in place it is easy to see where in the world your visitors are coming from. Google analytics also provides the ability to see how many loyal visitors are returning to your site and how many new ones you are getting
  • Website improvement – with the feedback from the status report it is easy to see where on your website needs improving. This could be from optimising content, adding new keywords or simply making certain pages more user friendly

Google Analytics is the first live tracking code that we will ensure is installed on your website.