SEO Analytical Tools – Sheer SEO

Sheer SEO is a useful SEO Analytical Tool that can be used by website owners and SEO professionals …and it’s free up to a point. I find this to be the easiest way of quickly assessing who is linking to a website and how valuable the links are, i.e. what PageRank boost does each link offer.
Another very useful feature allows you check where you are ranking in the search results for specific keywords. You can also check whether a Twitter or Facebook account and you can view some statistics and trends on them, including how many likes, shares and comments the page has in the case of a Facebook page. For Twitter it finds and displays the feed.
Also available is info on Social Bookmarking, such as how many stories the site has on Digg and how many “Diggs” the stories have. (If someone “Diggs” your story, it’s basically giving it a “thumbs up”, which makes it rank higher within the Digg website. Get enough Diggs and your story would be on the front page).
You can see keyword density info too, which will detail for you how many times a keyword appears on a page and what percentage of the text on that page it accounts for.
Overall it’s an easy, straightforward tool to use and the information is clear and concise. For additional features Sheer Seo offers some package at a price. But there is currently a 60 Trial to try out some of these features.

But you can actually use a Sheer SEO restrictively without registering at all. You can analyse the stats on a particular URL. But if you exit out of the program, you won’t be able to check the same URL for two weeks. So don’t exit out by accident.