What is SEO Content

    SEO Content
     involves writing text for a website and integrating keywords throughout the text based on the top key phrases identified in the keyword analysis. The aim of writing SEO Content is to drive more traffic to your site from the search engines and gain a high Google ranking. High quality content that is relevant will be ranked higher on the search engines. It is important to also have high quality content as it engages customers more easily and also communicates to your  potential customers who click on your site what your business does.

    How it works

    When compiling SEO content integrate top keywords throughout the text but also integrate keywords into the HTML tags (title, keywords, description etc). Search engines will rank pages depending on how relevant the content and HTML tags are. Keyword services and creating quality SEO content is one of the more important methods of attaining high Google rankings as well as ranking high in other search engines.

    For SEO Content you need to consider the following:

    • Content should be kept relevant to business, products or services
    • Sentences should be kept short and concise
    • Use Paragraphs
    • Content should be easy to read
    • Use highlighted text or hyperlinks for scan ability
    • Use meaningful headlines and sub headings
    • Call to action should be on every page of the site

    Benefits of SEO Content

    • Targets specific audiences
    • Relevant content drives more traffic
    • Leads to high organic Google rankings
    • Communicates clearly to customers
    • Engages customers

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