What is RSS Feeds

  • RSS news feeds are another way of adding keyword rich resources and SEO content to your website which will ultimately aid your Optimisation Campaign.
  • RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) is a format whereby updated changing content is delivered regularly.
  • Most news related sites and blogs have these formats in order to keep users and visitors up to date on whatever topics and industries they happen to be interested in. Updates are sent straight to users’ RSS feed reader.

How they work

  • They’re basically simple text files that once submitted to feed directories will allow subscribers to see content within a short space of time after it’s updated.
  • This content can be aggregated to be viewed even more easily by using a RSS feed reader (E.g. Google Reader) which simply put is a simple and hassle free method to view all your updated feeds at one time via the one interface.
  • RSS feeds usually appear in an .xml format known as “RSS xml”.

Benefits of RSS

  • You can opt into content of interest.
  • Control of the information that you receive.
  • Users can view and scan multiple content streams at their own pace.
  • Publishers of information no longer have to be concerned with “spamming” people.
  • It’s a supplemental communication method.
  • Significant improvements to Google rankings and increased traffic from search engines.
  • It’s one of the fastest ways of getting your website spidered by Search Engines. With an RSS news feed a new website can be listed in major search engine listings in as little as 48 hours.
  •  Creates new ways for potential customers to discover your website, products or services.
  •  Provides another way to deliver your e – newsletter or articles to subscribers.
  • Encourages potential customers to become paying customers and dramatically increases repeat business from existing customers.
  • Creates a new income stream from selling advertising space within your RSS feed.

Benefits of Displaying RSS Feeds on your Website

  • Free, fresh, keyword rich content automatically added to your WebPages keeping your website regularly updated which is excellent for SEO purposes.
  • Significant improvements to search engine rankings and increased traffic from search engines.
  • Encourages search engine spiders to visit your website more regularly.

To create RSS feeds is quite simple and beneficial to any site. Here at Webresults.ie we can help with this as part of our SEO marketing services.