What is Market Research & Competitor Analysis?

Market Research and Competitor analysis involves conducting in-depth research on your market and competitors to gain further insight into your target market and also to establish who your main competitors are and what are they doing online.
Ultimately, our Market Research Executives will carry out industry market research in order to best decide the best SEO marketing services you require.

How it Works?

By conducting industry market research it establishes who your target market is and identifies the best way to reach them. Competitor Analysis assesses who your main competitors are and what activities they are carrying out online. We look at the following; SEOPPC Social Media Marketing, usability, domain name etc. We will also carry out research into market conditions, customers, competitor’s online activity and campaigns etc.

Benefits of Market Research & Competitor Analysis

  • Clearer understanding of target market. Better idea of how to target them in terms of optimisation and the required SEO marketing services required.
  • Here at Webresults.ie we advise our clients to always think from the consumer’s perspective. Once you have established your target consumers needs and wants you will have a firmer grasp within the given Market.
  • Identifies Main Competitors. By determining who your competitors are you are more aware of what competition you face in terms of products/services and new campaigns.
  • By understanding the activities being carried out by competitors we can help clients identify other optimisation tactics that can be taken to maximise online campaigns.
  • Highlights any Strengths or weakness of your products services versus your competitors’ offerings.
  • Identifies new niche markets to expand b2b search engine marketing into.
  • We also advise clients to attend the appropriate trade shows and conferences as they are one of the best ways to network as well as learning more about your competitors up and coming strategies.