What is keyword Analysis

  • Keyword analysis is an essential part of search engine optimisation and is one of Webresults.ie top SEO marketing services.
  • It involves identifying the total number of unique searches on the web of key phrases or words that are relevant to your website.
  • The purpose of the keyword services that we carry out is to determine the best words or phrases that your customers are searching for when they go online and then to build them into the website content making your website optimised.

How Keyword Analysis works?

  • At Webresults.ie, when conducting a keyword analysis we use keyword research tools to establish the best keywords or key phrases for your website that will better target your customers.
  • The keyword services tool transforms web content into SEO content.
  •  We think about your potential customer when carrying out our keyword services and what words or phrases are going to help them find your site.
  • By identifying what potential customers are searching for on the search engines we can engage them by building these key phrases into your websites content (SEO content) and Meta data.
  • Much of the success of Internet marketing depends a lot on keyword research and optimisation.
  • Carrying out a keyword analysis is one of the most significant strategies for any online based business.
  • By building in the most popular keywords that your target market is using to search for type of product/service, high organic search rankings are attainable. In turn, this will lead to increased web conversion rates.
  • Another advantage that a keyword analysis poses is that the keywords can also be implemented into a PPC Campaign (paid search engine marketing) and in turn maximise your online advertising potential.
  • Keyword research and analysis is crucial in order to give any website the right amount of superior keywords to help with the optimisation process.
  • Keyword services are continuously improved upon through internet marketing and optimisation tools.
  • It is good to remember that keywords and phrase preferences can change rapidly; therefore it is of benefit to do a keyword analysis at regular intervals to stay on top and remain competitive.

The primary Benefits of Keyword Analysis

  • Increases visibility of your website.
  • Enables you to target your customers more specifically.
  • Helps increase traffic to your website.
  • Helps increase sales via your website.
  • Improves ranking on search engines.