Pay Per Click (PPC) is a highly effective and highly trusted advertisement which drives measurable links if implemented and managed effectively with constantly improving features and tools.

    PPC offer you the ability to develop acquisitions (sales, leads, enquiries etc), in volume, with a very cost effective, Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model in place.

    Mobile optimisation now takes location into consideration, ensuring your ad appears in front of potential customers searching terms related to you through their mobile device when they are near your business.

    PPC is often the starting point of your web marketing campaign. However, setting up a PPC campaign and understanding how to optimise it to generate the best results can not only be challenging but can be costly if carried out without experience.

    Most inexperienced agencies can’t achieve a fixed CPA with a high volume of acquisitions. A deep understanding of the science behind PPC is required. You need to understand the campaign metrics, how they relate to each other and how they can be positively affected.

    At we have PPC Management experts who understand how to get the best results from PPC Campaign. When providing PPC services we conduct extensive keyword research. Our PPC management team has the ability to analyse campaign activity ensure results to our clients. Our PPC Services not only extend to Google Adwords services but also LinkedIn and Facebook PPC Management.

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    Our PPC Management Process:

    What do you want to achieve from your PPC Campaign?

    Do you want to increase Brand Awareness?

    Do you want to promote a specific product, service or special offer?

    It is important to have a clear understanding from the beginning the goals, objectives and target market for your PPC Campaign. This enables us to determine the best PPC medium (Google AdWords, Facebook PPC, LinkedIn PPC) to reach your PPC objectives.

    After clarifying your business objectives we are now ready to move on to Conduct Keyword Research.

    Keyword Research is the most important aspect in developing a PPC Campaign. Here at we not only conduct an in depth keyword analysis but also consult the client on key terms they consider important. Our PPC specialists ensure the most effective key terms are established, taking into account a variety of factors.

    Upon completion of our Keyword Research our clients are presented with a keyword proposal document prior to campaign implementation.

    Once this is approved the next step is the Development of the Campaign.

    This phase of our PPC Management Process involves setting up the campaign. We develop and manage different types of Pay Per Click Advertising such as Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, Twitter Advertising and Youtube Advertising.

    In order to set up your PPC campaign, we apply the appropriate settings to suit your campaign objectives (i.e. budget, geographic location etc.),we segment ad groups, assign keywords and develop ad copy.

    Once this process is complete the campaign will be live and the Campaign & Account Management stage will begin.

    Constant monitoring of PPC campaigns is essential in order to maximise its effectiveness. When working with time is allocated specifically to monitoring and analysing the campaigns performance and implementing necessary changes. This involves:

    • Testing new ad copy and keywords
    • Adding negative keywords to specific ad groups
    • Altering keyword match type

    Through our management process there is always a focus on reaching your campaign objective. As well as this, we aim to improve quality score of key terms, which helps enhance your overall campaigns performance.

    All of these management activities help in the improvement of your campaign, the results of this can be seen in our regular PPC Reporting.

    Here at, we have a strong focus on communication with our clients. We feel it’s important to provide regular reporting so the client can see the campaigns progress and activities carried out. Weekly summary reports are provided which outline the campaigns performance. At the end of each month a more detailed Monthly Report is issued.

    Our Reports will provide you with details on:

    • Conversions
    • Click through rates (CTR)
    • Impressions
    • Cost per click & budget spend
    • Top performing Keywords & Ad Groups
    • Campaign Amendments

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    We have the infrastructure in place to get results quickly.


    We have experienced web designers, web developers and web marketers available ready to work on your strategy – so no need for recruitment and training.

    We do what we say we’ll do

    We develop high end websites and implement results driven web marketing campaigns. We already achieve massive results with our client companies.

    Results focused

    Clear KPI’s established to get the best ROI in the shortest possible time.

    Your success is our success. Find out more about our PPC services.