E mail Marketing is a form of Direct Marketing which incorporates the use of electronic Mail as a means of communicating a particular message to an audience en masse via a newsletter (sometimes referred to as e newsletters. E mail Marketing and E mail newsletters are often used to encourage customer loyalty (and thus loyalty marketing), customer retention and also in acquiring new customers.

  • E mail marketing is very similar to direct mail marketing in terms of its nature but it is also very different, the main difference being response rates and web conversion rates
  •  In E mail marketing and e newsletters, the advertisement can be found in the form of a letter or a graphic picture with test also provided. Furthermore, the E mail is sent to recipients who make up an e mail (as well as a potential client database).
  • Often these databases are created with certain demographic specifics in mind; therefore it’s far easier to target using E mail marketing as its more customer focused
  • E newsletters are sent in bulk using E mail marketing software. In a matter of seconds thousands of messages can be delivered at once. Even the most basic hosting account has this ability. A popular software that Webresults.ie has integrated for this purpose is Constant Contact
  • When an E mail marketing message is sent, there is usually a list of E mail addresses from users who would have signed up for the company’s newsletter or gave the company their e mail address for some other reason. Using specific software materials it is possible for the marketer to select specific groups of e mails to send the e newsletters to. This will make it easier to target consumers who may have expressed interests in particular products or services

It is possible to track who opens e mail messages that are sent to them and what course they take once they are delivered and opened. This is carried out by embedding a tracking code/link in the e mail message. For example, a marketer can track and monitor the following:

  • If the user “spams” the E mail
  • If its immediately deleted
  • If they follow a link in the e mail etc

With this kind of helpful information Marketers can endeavour to improve their E mail marketing efforts and make them more effective. They can resend similar ads to those who opened the email and then clicked the ad as well as delete addresses for users who automatically spammed the message.

Some of the main recognised advantages of E Mail Marketing are as follows:

  • Global Reach – Borders are no obstacles in E mail Marketing
  • Lower Costs – When e mail is added to the marketing mix a company is guaranteed to spend less money and waste less resources and time than with traditional marketing forms due to digital marketing solutions often being cheaper
  • Interactive – Campaigns can be innovatively initiated using graphics, videos, music etc that will be more likely to grab the target markets attention and interests
  • Personalised – E mail allows companies to greet and target each person on the mailing list person individually making them more customer centric. This will further help in creating a lasting relationship with prospective customers
  • Round the clock Marketing – coincided with a reputable website as well as a top rate digital marketing strategy, an e mail marketing campaign means that the target audience can understand what a company’s offering is even when it’s out of office hours
  • Measurable Results – There are tools available that can accurately measure the success of different e mail campaigns
  • Targeted Marketing – Pre-packaged and custom built mailing lists as well as client databases, are available meaning a company can reach those who are more likely to have a genuine interest in a company’s particular product offering or service
  • Opt – in or Unsubscribe Options – E mails contain opt – in and opt – out options which help you to shortlist your prospects and reach only the people who may have a genuine interest in a company’s offering. This puts a further emphasis on a customer strategy
  • Faster Response Rate – responding to an E mail can be done immediately due to its convenience
  • Simplicity – Executing an e mail campaign is simple and doesn’t require extensive resources, just the suitable software and the ability to manage a digital marketing strategy
  • E mail Marketing has become one of the most effective digital marketing services and with over half of all global Internet users checking their e mail on a daily basis it can only continue to grow in popularity
  • Increase Web Conversion Rates – Research indicates that it takes the average online shopper up to 9 visits before making a purchase, therefore repetition is required. If you manage to get a person’s E mail address before they leave they can be sent e newsletters, with the necessary information according to their search habits. Altogether, this can help to increase web conversion rates
  • Generate Repeat Sales – Getting new customers can be difficult, as well as expensive, which is why it’s always recommended to carry out loyalty marketing that is customer centric and to maintain a relationship with existing customers by creating customer loyalty. By keeping in touch with customers via a newsletter can create repeat sales with existing customers that turn out to be more profitable than the initial purchase
  • Up – sell and Cross – sell Products and Services – Once a customer has made an initial purchase an E mail and an e newsletter can be sent to follow up with related services
  • Feedback – E mail campaigns also allow for customer feedback which is vital for any business. With an e – mail and a newsletter, customers won’t be as shy in voicing their genuine opinions as compared to face to face interaction. By gaining customer feedback using this method allows companies to determine their Target Market, what products/services they should provide and how much should be charged etc

If targeted correctly, and the message is crafted appropriately, an E mail marketing campaign as part of other digital marketing solutions can help any company to deliver the right content, to the right prospective buyers at the correct time in the selling cycle whilst also continuously achieving a high response rate from quality members of the Target Market.

  • At webresults.ie we are results and customer focused and our main objective is to expand your client database and increase your web conversion rates
  •  One of the many ways that allow us to ensure this is by helping you create the content for an effective E – mail Marketing Campaign
  •  We will write up a number of drafts of e newsletters and won’t sign off on the final draft until you are fully satisfied. This comes as standard as part of the e mail/e newsletter service that we provide for clients
  • Once the E Mail Marketing campaign has been launched we will also report back on how the campaign is performing
    •  Webresults.ie provides clients with a comprehensive set of real-time reports allowing them to accurately measure the value of each campaign that is sent.
    • Webresults.ie will help you measure your campaigns related sales, web conversion rates and Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Once a campaign has been sent, with the appropriate marketing software, we and our clients will have access to a range of reports that will demonstrate precisely how subscribers (opt in recipients) are interacting with the e mail/e newsletter
  •  For example; the right analytics/monitoring tool can tell you what recipients have opened the e mail thus far, what part(s) of the campaign they find most interesting, who opted to unsubscribe, did anybody forward it on or if it was even considered as spam. This is something that webreults.ie will go through in depth with clients to ensure they understand.

Viewing statistics such as open and click rates can give insight to a campaign’s performance. But what will really help display results is by comparing data over time to highlight trends. This will only help further in displaying what is and what isn’t working in terms of E Mail Marketing Campaigns. Comparing different statistics can quickly tell you what content of the e mail and e newsletter that your subscribers find relevant and what they don’t. This is just as important, particularly when designing future campaigns and for improving your marketing strategy development.

Using email to target your customers and prospective customers gives you the ability to build a relationship with them over time. It also enables you to market your products and services more cost-effectively to people who are interested in hearing about them.

It is cost-effective, measurable and an instant form of communication that delivers immediate results. Compared with the cost of traditional direct mail, email newsletters are extremely competitive. If you want to improve your Customer Acquisition or Customer Retention, tell your customers/potential customers about a new product, an event, or something that may be of interest to them, email marketing is a very powerful medium, if used properly. For further information, contact us at WebResults.ie