Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO Projects generally begin with an intensive website SEO review. 

The scale of this exercise will depend on the size of the site and how the site is performing currently. 

We use a range of tools in order to derive the best insights for your organic presence. 

A website SEO review can look at areas such as:

1. Performance of website – Technical SEO: We look at the accessibility of site to search engines, and elements such as organic visibility, back link analysis, indexability etc.

• Website speed test, page load speed and server response time
• Duplicate content check
• Google errors
• Indexing of site and rankings
• Tags in place in relation to countries being targeted
• Sitemap status
• Mobile performance
• Structured data / mark-up data
• Security
• Core Web Vitals performance 

2. Review competitor activity

3. Identify activities and services to drive SEO performance from the target profile. This will involve both once off on page activity and ongoing activity.

4. Identify what internal changes needs to be made in order to optimise any areas that impact SEO.

• Marketing: Social Networks & Content Strategy
• Offline Marketing Activities
• Development Work. 

Ensuring all content and communications that may impact SEO are up to standard and maximise your rankings on the Search engines.


5. Put a plan in place to roll out relevant on-going activities

6. Monitor and measure results. Gain insights and constantly identify ways to improve performance

Through our reporting and analysis we closely examine the SEO performance and provide insight on your websites SEO performance.


We would make recommendations based on the insights and identify best actions to be carried out which would be set up as tasks for your staff as part of the Digital Mentor Programme each week or each month, depending on the type of programme you are signed up to. The monthly fee in relation to the Digital Mentor Programme which is based approx 8 hours/1 day per month.

Please note we can’t make any guarantees in terms of rankings. However, anything we do is best practise and the objective is to increase relevant SEO traffic both ethically and aligned with search engine best practise.


We will be in touch to request access to your website analytics, google search console and any SEO tools you have in place.