Search Engine Optimisation

We understand the main objectives of your SEO project to be to increase your visibility on the search engines and drive
more organic traffic to your website and achieve prominent rankings for your priority keywords.

The Digital Mentor Programme (DMP) is an effective way to build your in-house skills, provide guidance on your
overall strategy and accountability, through regular, organised review calls & to ensure you are fully focused on achieving
your key business objectives using Digital.

The DMP effectively gives you are your team access to a “senior digital specialists” to keep you on track. We use an online task management system where all
tasks are set up, with agreed deadlines and with the most recent versions of any relevant information or material relating to any task.

Using a combination of high quality content, strong content distribution, through social networks and other relevant
channels, along with best in class technical SEO practices, your organisation will build a strong robust SEO presence on the

There are now a huge range of areas that we need to consider in relation to SEO and this is changing. The fundamental
thing to remember is that your website, content and everything you do online, must be done with your key personas
in mind, as well as the search engines and with key performance indicators to optimise your performance from any
tasks carried out.

We use the following framework for everything we do relating to SEO:

Usability: Technical SEO strategies and tactics that will enable you to lay a solid foundation for your site. From crawlability to Core Web Vitals, from deciding on which tools and platforms to use to figuring out which metrics matter,
there are a lot of decisions that go into running your website. With continued advancing technologies like AI and related google considerations like Search Generative Experience (SGE), it is imperative that your business is optimised.

Relevance: How to structure your site’s content in a way that allows your writers to do what they do best while
establishing your content for being relevant for the most competitive terms in your market.

Authority: Building a solid brand and how to take advantage of the collective link equity of your site to drive better
results in the rankings, leverage your Social and relevant online channels to drive awareness and coverage and monitor
your site for potential issues. By incorporating these fundamental areas that are key to Google into your SEO strategy,
you will meet the algorithm requirements and also engage and convert your target personas.

We use the following steps