Check Out 5 Standout Changes To Twitter Layout

This week brought the first of the changes of the new face of Twitter, the steadily emerging powerhouse of Social Media. Tuesday saw the initial roll-out of the redesign changing its image dramatically.

Twitters new design resembles an older layout of its main competitor Facebook and appears to be placing more of the emphasis on streams of tweets rather than its profile.

1/ The first change is unmissable as Twitter has introduced a larger cover photo, essentially the top of the profile page. Twitter seems to be adapting to the ever changing landscape of Social Media bringing a more visual element to the user’s profile.

2/ In the past Twitter users could control a number of elements on their page, now it seems Twitter is giving out even more control. Users will be able to pin their favourite tweets to the top of their page as a static post giving the page more individuality.

3/ As with most Social Media channels these days the provider has to reduce the noise (the sheer amount of tweets appearing on a page), Twitter is combating this in a clever way. Basically when a tweet appears on a page it is in small text and as engagement increases the text enlarges giving it more prominence on the page.

4/ Twitter has also introduced a new filtering option that helps users view the tweets they want to see. The new options in the filter include Tweets, Tweets and Replies and Tweets with photos and video, helping the user browse through individual Twitter profiles.

5/ Finally Twitter has revamped how people can follow and be followed on their channel. They have turned the old list into a grid design that features a mini Twitter profile to give users a better look at other users they’re following or users who are following them.

Twitter have already started rolling this out and you should notice some changes in the coming weeks! If you aren’t tweeting yet now is a good time to start as new accounts will get the new layout straight away.

Here’s some of the main benefits of Twitters new design layout for your business include:

  • Larger profile picture – getting your brand seen more clearly,
  • Customised header/cover photo – opportunity to get creative and promote your brands unique selling points.
  • Best tweets – the more popular a tweet the larger the font so get writing compelling tweets.
  • Pinned tweets – Like Facebook you can now pin important tweets to the top of your page, this can be used for offers, sales etc.

With Facebook charging more and more for advertising on their channel, now is a good time to maximise the opportunity of getting your brand out to your customers through Twitter. It is a very useful tool to use in every on-line business and should be a part of your Digital Marketing Strategy if it isn’t already. Contact us at WebResults where we can work with you to manage your on-line presence effectively through our tried and tested Digital Marketing Strategy.

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