Web Analytics Explained

Analytics is simply a reporting tool that assists in website analysis so that you can research your website performance.  Information about your website performance or marketing campaign behaviour with real time tracking is great for many reasons which we will discuss later.  Website analytics in Ireland is a service offered by many different companies.  Analytics involves live tracking of sites/campaigns, collection of data, analysis of the data and reporting of the data found to the user.  The main purpose behind analytics is to gain an understanding of traffic to a website.  Users can then use this information to gain an understanding of their customers actions and better the site/campaign based on this.

Some website analysis features of analytics include:
  • Amount of traffic to the site
  • Where the users that are on the site are clicking
  • Page views
  • Where the traffic is coming from to the site
  • Keywords that brought them to the site
In essence, the analytics tool is used to measure a site/campaigns success and where it needs to be improved.  With this in mind, it is also used to measure the success of new campaigns/sites for the same purpose.
Analytics website analysis works quite simply, each page has a tracking code from their analytics package that is embed on it that it by the owner of the site.  This can be done at anytime in the sites/campaigns lifetime.  While not all analytics packages are the same, most are similar and involve a tracking code, tools and reports based on these. This tracking code leads to a large amount of information being available.  Google Analytics is a good example of a widely used analytics service that tracks website performance, it is free and has a large amount of information that can be obtained in the way mentioned above.
Analytics packages are great because they give the owner of a website or a campaign great information and insight into their users, how it is best to target them and how to improve their site/campaign in the future.  Analytics can show you many things, including where people that are visiting your site are based, bounce rates (how long a person stays on your site before clicking away) and many more features.  All these can help you with your existing site/campaign, but also can assist you in the future with further advertising such as PPC because you will be doing research for the future as you go. Long term, analytics helps with improving your site and increasing the traffic that comes to it by highlighting issues for you to amend.  Regular use is highly important to analytics, as well as regular reporting.
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