SEO For Small Business Owners

Search engine optimisation, also known as seo, is the task of ensuring that your website and its content is optimised to afford it the best possible chance of ranking well in the search engine results pages (SERPS). Seo services were seen as the preserve of techies and search engine optimisation experts, and best left to them, and this may have been true a number of years ago.

However some of the finest brains in the world are employed by the likes of Google and Facebook to constantly improve their search engine algorithm (the scientific method by which the search engine companies rank web pages) and the result of this army of well qualified scientists’ work has been a huge improvement in the quality of their algorithm.
The result is that the search engines have become better and faster at finding, indexing and ranking the content of websites. For this reason search engine optimisation is a much more straightforward task than it used to be. Provided you follow a few rules when conducting seo for small business owners, you can build your pages presence gradually without having to employ costly seo services.
There are broadly two aspects to search engine optimization; on page SEO and off page SEO.
On page seo is what you do on your site to make it easy for the search engine robots to ascertain what your page is about and how it should rank in the search engine results. Best Practices would see on page seo ensure good use of:
  • A permalink structure and internal links within your website.
  • The web pages title tags and the h1, h2, and h3 heading tags.
  • Alternative tags for your images.
  • Inclusion of highly searched keywords and phrases in your page content.
  • A relevant description of what your page is about without the common technique of keyword stuffing which is considered an unethical search engine optimization technique.
Off page seo is what you or other people do away from your site to increase the likelihood of your web page being found and ranked well. This essentially involves obtaining back links from other websites. Backlinks are seen by the search engines as votes of confidence in your website so the more votes or backlinks the better.
Better quality backlinks should be your goal as the value of huge quantities of backlinks from sources such as forums and article directories has been greatly diminished in the last 12 months by the search engines.
So, good quality backlinks from top sites with page rank (the higher the better) will give you a greater PR Boost (Page Rank Boost) allowing your site to move up the search engine results pages over time.
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