Market Samurai Tool

The Market Samurai tool is great because it gathers a lot of data from a number of different sources and displays it back to the user in quite a clear and concise manner. It is a really handy tool because you can try it out for free before you purchase it. It also shows you that the developers/ owners are quite confident in the software, that it will deliver / meet your expectations.

To compare the Google Keyword Tool versus Market Samurai would be unfair as we are not comparing like with like. Market Samurai is quite an extensive tool and can do much more than determine keywords and phrases. In fact some of the other features include:

Rank Tracker – This feature allows you to check how well you are ranking for keywords on the various different search engines. This is a great tool to check your rankings speedily.

Domain checks – this feature allows you to check new or existing domains around a certain keyword or phrase

Content Creation – This feature enables you to find the most popular content around your keyword so you can look at what is

Market Samurai allows you to publish content to WordPress.

Backlinks – this feature helps you find related places to backlink

Keyword Tool – Market Samurai is also a quite advanced Keyword tool

So as you can see this tool is so much more than just a keyword tool with the ability to check ranking, domains, create content and even aid in the creation of backlinks. You are in essence receiving a number of tools in one. The various features are clever and beneficial and all housed in the one place.

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