How to Improve Your Presence On Your Search Engine Results Page

Google is pushing organic search results further down the page in favour of greater ad exposure and universal search,  so it is really important to maximise the amount of space your website receives. We have compiled some tips on how to improve your presences on SERP’s.

1) Dual Rankings

If more than one of your pages are relevant to a search query , Google will reward this by grouping the listings together. So for example if your homepage was listed in position 2 for a certain keyword, if on the second page of Google you have a different url that ranks for the same keyword if you can build enough links to push it to the first page it will then appear in position 3. In order to achieve dual rankings build both internal and external links to the lower ranking page using the anchor text of the keyword for which you are trying to achieve dual rankings for.

2) Meta Description

The meta description should describe the content of the page and provide a compelling call to action. Often websites only include a few words for their meta description, this space should be utilised as it is your chance to invite the customer to your website.

3) Forums

Forums are a great tool to leverage and Google rewards Forums with up to 4 additional listings in the Search Engine Results Pages. These extra listings stand out and catch a user’s eye in comparison to regular listings.

4) Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are designed for sites that contain reviews, products, business listings, recipes or events. Depending on the type of information your site contains, rich snippets make them stand out from the rest of the listings by increasing the actual size of the listing.

5) More Results

Googe do not usually show more than two listings for each domain on each of its pages. If your site is a good source of relevant information, Google with display a line under your listing which includes a  plus symbol, which indicates to the user more info is available. In order to increase the chances of this happening,  we suggest having a diverse set of content on your site with relevant anchor text.

6) Sitelinks

If google believes your website is relevant for a keyword / phrase, you may be rewarded with sitelinks. Google generates these automatically and unfortunately you can’t do anything to receive them. To improve your chances you should use informative, compact, anchor and ALT tex for any links to your site.

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