Finding Your Must-Have Links

Getting the balance right between having quality links directed towards your site and maintaining those inbound links is a difficult one as often these links are expected to either be reciprocated or paid for. Finding areas where we can place our links on high ranking, authoritative websites is what makes many of our days that little bit longer.

This pain-staking activity usually means that we are crawling tons of data to find that one relevant area to target. Now however there are a few free services that can help us generate new ideas for Google searches, anchor texts, guest posts, and new content for our websites.

So without further adieu we give you one of the latest lists of quality tested link-building tools that will help you find those links and free up some of your time.


Wordtracker has been around for over a decade now and one of its most popular features is the ‘Keyword Question Tool’. With this tool you can enter a search phrase and see a list of questions people asked around this search query and also how many times each query was submitted. You will need to register after one free search but for those of you wondering how to generate content you will have access to a whole bank of questions and queries that people are searching for which you can write about.

Solo SEO link Search

This is a very useful tool for freeing up time when link building. By entering a phrase here you can generate a list of advance search terms that will link to the results of which ever search engine you select.


Pinterest has become the latest visual landscapes where you can pin images that are relevant to your business or service or your personal interests. You can use Pinterest to see which pins are most popular and what categories they are associated with. By doing this you can choose to write about content that is generating high interest and search and target the most popular pins links.

Uber Suggest 

This tool is powered by Google Suggest. Within this you can choose which language you want to use, which geographic location you want to search and choose a category such as news or products. The main feature with this tool is the downloadable text file which provides more information in alphabetical order. This is a great tool for conducting quick research on key regions and dodges some search engines pre-determined results that arrive as a result of your location. Again if you’re struggling on understanding how to generate content this can also initiate ideas for content and featured blog writers.

Touch Graph

This interactive tool allows you to visualize topics that are associated with the topic you search. By entering a topic you can easily see which phrases were used for related searches and the domains that provide relevant information. The visual aspect is again very valuable as you can see phrased results that are related to graphs and images.


Well it seems we have saved the best for last as Soovle is getting more attention that any of the link-building tools we have outlined already. With Soovle you can see results from a whole host of sources; Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Yahoo, YouTube, and Bing. Every result is also connected to the original link sources.

Soovle also provide a list of the most searched keywords on the internet each day that are neatly alphabetized. Meaning if you make an early start on your content you can target some of the most widely used keywords on the internet every day. Soovle also allows you to create a ‘Search Funnel’ which is basically a customized group of search engines that you pick for your search.

These link-building tools are fully functional so we would suggest using them straight away. When looking for potential link sources it’s important to take a broad view and look at your competitors efforts. We would always make this suggestion to companies for link building activities.

To find out more about how you can get your link building strategy started visit our Info Centre. Alternatively you can Contact today and one of our SEO consultants can help you create a successful link building strategy with all these tools and more.