Enterprise Ireland’s COVID 19 Online Retail Scheme

Maximise Your Retail Business’ Digital Presence & Revenue

Enterprise Ireland’s COVID-19 Online Retail fund has been established to enable Irish retailers to enhance their digital capability and to develop a results-driven, competitive online offering.

At WebResults, we will work with you to develop the right online presence for your retail business. We will help you put your COVID-19 Online Retail fund to good use. Our approach involves:

  1. Understanding your business objectives
  2. Researching and planning
  3. Digital strategy development
  4. Reviewing your existing web presence and working with you to optimise your website to ensure you will meet your business objectives. Find out more about our Web Design & Development Services.
  5. Roll our of our structured ‘Digital Mentor Programme‘ which guides your business on how to implement, manage and monitor the most relevant and effective digital activities to drive optimum results. This proven programme gives accountability and enables you to bring the necessary digital skills inhouse to successfully implement your digital activities in the long term.

At WebResults, we have over 20 years’ experience working with retail businesses to maximise your digital presence. We have a proven track record of success with digital technology and the tools that deliver the best results for retailers. Talk to us about your business objectives and let us help your put your COVID-19 Online Retail fund to work for your business.

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